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So you've finally started to book a steady stream of photo sessions, and you want to serve your clients well — as you should! But you haven't yet fleshed out what the customer journey looks like when someone books you as their photographer. An onboarding and offboarding workflow? Never heard of her.

Therefore, with every client you find yourself writing emails from scratch, making up the steps of your workflow as you go, and giving each client a different experience based on what you remembered to do this time around. Sometimes, you even forget to ask for a review or to teach your client how to download their gallery. 

But you care about your clients and you want to give them the best experience with your brand possible. You know, the kind of experience that leads to raving reviews, repeat customers, and endless new client referrals.

Better yet, you want a rinse and repeat system in place that you can use with every client that saves you time and allows you to focus on why you started your business: To create jaw-dropping photos. 

Tell me if you can relate to this...

sound familiar?

You forget to send important information your client needs to feel comfortable and confident the day of their session. You don't get to know your clients until you show up to take their picture, which doesn't help cultivate a safe space for the vulnerability it takes to create powerful photos. Your turnaround time constantly varies based on your workload. Sometimes you let your clients down because you don't meet the expectation you set when they booked originally booked their session. Your clients consistently overstep your boundaries because you never communicated them in the first place. When you deliver the photos, it's met with deafening silence — not because your work wasn't great, but because working with you feels like a transaction, and your client forgot you cared to know if they enjoyed your service. It's rare that people book you more than once. 

What happens when you don't have systems or a workflow in place to support your client experience?

tldr: Your clients do not feel supported.

Finally go full-time with your photography business, just like you've always dreamed 

Give you the confidence you need to finally raise your prices, earn a living wage, and turn a profit 

Turn your current clients into raving fans who become repeat customers and send more referrals your way

Allow you to grow your business sustainably, so there are no growing pains when you begin to book clients consistently


It's possible to create structure around your business that allows you to provide an amazing, white glove experience — while saving you time so you can focus on creating beautiful work. 

create a workflow that supports your client experience

but guess what?


Common              Photographers Tend to Believe When It Comes To Running Their Business

85% of photography businesses fail in the first 3 years — not for lack of talent, but because they lack knowledge of how to run a profitable business.  Not only should you invest in knowledge about the art of photography, you should also invest in education about how to run a business. 

No, you need to use the time you have more wisely, by implementing structure, systems, automations, and canned emails. 

There are millions of people in the world, thousands in your city. Every one of those people deserves to have their picture taken. Focus on finding your ideal client, your niche — and then serve the hell out of them. 

If you cultivate a positive relationship with your clients before the photo session, they will show up more prepared, excited, and open to being photographed. And how you offboard your clients (photo delivery, feedback questionnaires, etc) is the part that will encourage them to book you again, time and time again. 

What You Actually Need Is A Sustainable Customer Journey

tell me how

In June 2020, I woke up to getting ghosted by yet another couple for their wedding (even after giving them a discount.) It happened all. the. time. I was underselling my work, giving discounts, was barely able to break even — let alone make a profit — and I was still not booking tons of weddings. 

I remember laying in bed, thinking to myself, “What if my clients wanted to work with me because they loved me and my work, and not just because they thought I was the cheapest photographer they could find?” 
One year ago I decided to raise my prices and redesigned my client experience workflow… and never looked back. Now, I can book fewer clients while making more money — and use my extra income and time to better serve my clients. In fact, I surpassed the revenue I made in 2020 in the second quarter of 2021. 

Serving my clients well is my superpower, and not everyone in the photography industry understands the importance of your customer's journey. I teach other photographers how to create a client experience that cultivates trust and connection, leading better photo sessions and happier customers.  

I’m Tess, Documentarian Photographer Turned Business Educator

meet your new mentor

- Hannah songer 

After I left my time with Tess, I had a renewed sense of confidence and excitement about my business. Tess took me step by step through her workflow- which was really helpful for me as a visual and hands-on learner. I got to see how she takes her client's through her client experience from beginning to end and then she even helped me outline and get started with how I can create my own workflow tailored to my own clients' needs. She gave me the tools I needed to implement what I had been wanting to but just didn't know how, as well as gave me new ideas to elevate my client experience in ways I hadn't thought of. Highly recommend booking a mentor session with Tess if you're struggling with your workflow, client experience, or any other aspect of your business. You won't regret it!

She gave me the tools I needed to implement what I had been wanting to but just didn't know how...

the reviews

Want to increase their referrals and reviews from each client

Value providing a superior experience to their clients that cultivates trust and connection — which leads to better photo sessions

Want to save time doing admin tasks so they can focus on reaching their goals 

Have a workflow and systems but know it could be better

Do not yet have a workflow or any systems in place


A 1-hour immersive mentor session where we create the ideal white glove experience for your clients


1:1 Mentor Sessions

How It Works

Submit an inquiry to us. Once we receive your application, we will invite you to pick a date and time. Then we send a contract and invoice. 

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Your session can be either in-person if you're Austin-based, or via a Zoom call. Together we'll discuss your current workflow, where it could be improved, and actionable next steps you can take. 

Have Your Session

After your session, I share with you a document that outlines the workflow we created together. Then, you can follow up and ask any more questions any time. You've got my support for life. :-) 

Virtual Support

Map out your ideal customer journey for your clients

Review my current workflows & SOPs to help you dream up your own

Create actionable steps for you to take to implement your new workflows

Ready to Learn?

i'm ready

In each mentor session, we: 

- kim brumley

Before we met, I was feeling stuck and lost in my business. This mentor session gave me clear direction and tons of ideas moving forward. With her tools, I was able to enhance my client experience as well as make clear workflows within my internal process that has saved me so much time. Thank you Tess for sharing your knowledge with me. It has helped tremendously!

This mentor session gave me clear direction and tons of ideas moving forward.

the reviews


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1-hour mentor session

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- melissa Bordeau

When I came to her I didn't have an organized workflow and it was so helpful to get to sit down and see her workflow and ask questions along the way. She has been super helpful after the fact as well and I know she is someone I can reach out to with questions if they ever come up which is so nice to know! I really, really appreciate your help, Tess! If you are a photographer and need some help with organizational tools Tess is your gal!

Tess helped me so much in organizing my back-end! 

the reviews


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