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Know someone looking for a reason to have a photo session with their dog? This session will convince them. Meet Jenna and Freddy’s pup, Koda. He is a loving husky who enjoys snacking on watermelon, chasing after the soccer ball, and eating all the treats. He was also recently diagnosed with stage 4 leukemia.  When […]

The Rodarte’s Family Photo Session with Their Dog Koda

Family Sessions

Family photo session with their dog


I love a good in-home photo session. There is no better way to really get to know a couple or family; you get to see how they live their lives, what they value, and people are the most comfortable in a space they’re intimately familiar with.  That was definitely the case during this in-home photo […]

Rachel & Scott’s In-Home Photo Session

Family Sessions

Rachel & Scott's In-Home Photo Session


You will find no bigger advocate having your dog in your wedding than me, I’m sure!  When Bry and I got married in 2019, it was a given that our golden retriever Martha would play a role in our big day. She was one of my bridesmaids! So many of the photos from our wedding […]

Tips for Having Your Dog in Your Wedding


Tips to have your dog in your wedding


Are you considering having a photoshoot with your dog? It should surprise no one that I am a big fan of dogs and I am always excited when one of my couples or families wants to include their pups in a photo session.  I was looking at my own Instagram the other day and realized […]

Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Photoshoot

Photoshoot Tips

Photoshoot with dog